Frequently asked questions:

1. Does the price of the trip include airfare?

No.  Airfare is not included.  There is a group-flight available.  The price is going to be around $1,250 (estimated).  If you don’t go on the group-flight get your air ticket as soon as possible otherwise prices will go up.

2. Are the 5 units I get transferable to other colleges and universities?

The 5 units you receive are just like taking the course here at OCC.  They are completely transferable.

3.  Do I need to take a placement exam before registering?

Yes.  In some cases you will need to take a placement exam if  you would like to register into a higher Spanish course and say you haven’t taken any Spanish classes before.  You can take the Spanish placement exam at the OCC Assessment Center.   Click here for their webpage.

4. If I find the course I’m taking is too hard/easy can I switch later?

Yes, we’ll be able to switch  you in the first week.

5. Do I have to go on the group flight?

No,  you do not have to go on the group flight.  If you go on your own, try to arrive the same day because we will be having an orientation the day after arrival.

6. Can I go and not go to class?

No.  You must attend class.  This is a study abroad program.

7a.  I have a friend who is not a student at OCC can she go too?

Yes.  Anyone 18 or over can go with us.  They do not have to be students at OCC.

7b. My boyfriend wants to visit me while I’m there.  Do you think my roommates or housemother will mind if he stays over for a few nights?  He’s totally cool.

Yes.  Your roommates and or your home-stay mom will not like that.  He can find a cheap bed at one of the many youth hostels in Madrid.  Check out hostelworld.com

8. What if I arrive early, can I check in early?

No.  If you arrive early, you can get a bed at one of the youth hostels in Madrid and then check in the same  day we all check in.  For Madrid hostels check out http://hostelworld.com

9. Do I have to return on the same day as everyone else?  Can I just stay in Spain and bum around in Europe for the rest of the summer?

You can stay as long as you like.  But, of course you’ll have to move out of your apartment or home-stay the day the program ends.  If you go on the group flight, you may not be able to change your return date or you may have to pay extra to change your return flight day.

10. Can I get my own room?  How much extra does it cost to stay with a family?

Yes.  Here are the housing supplement amounts (to be paid directly to ACCENT by each participant) for those who want their own room.

  • Double occupancy room in a homestay $300
  • Single occupancy room in a homestay $500

11. What does the cost of the trip include?

The cost of the trip covers 4 weeks of housing, school for four weeks (not including OCC’s $230) and airport transfer to the ACCENT Center Madrid.

12. When is the final payment due?

The final payment is due on May 6, 2020.

13. Is it true that Madrid is the most exciting city in the world and truly the only city in the world that never sleeps?

Yes. It is true.  Madrid is the MOST exciting city in the entire world.  It is the TRULY the city that never sleeps.  Madrid is a 24 hour city.  There are people outside and in the streets 24 hours a day.  After you visit Madrid, Las Vegas will be as exciting as Branson, Missouri.

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