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La gira marca la primera vez que el bajista Zeta Bosio y el baterista Charly Alberti se presentan en vivo desde la muerte de su vocalista y guitarrista Gustavo Cerati. De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre. No somos el uno sin el otro. Podemos evocarlo, invocarlo. Convirtiendo en posible lo imposible.

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Arreglado por Soda Stereo. Estudio: CBS. Fotos sobre interno: Zeta Bosio y Leonardo Satragno. Arreglado y producido por Soda Stereo. Grabado y mezclado en los estudios Moebio. Foto sobre interno: Claudio Fayngolz. Polaroids: Caito Lorenzo. Mezclado en Blue Wave Studio, Barbados.

It achieved international success throughout the s and s, playing a pivotal role in the surfacing, development and dissemination of Latin and Ibero-American rock outside Argentina. By acclaim, Soda Stereo is largely considered one of the greatest bands in the history of Latin rock.

InCerati died of respiratory arrest after four years in a stroke -induced coma, signalling the official end for the band as a trio. In the summer of Gustavo Cerati, at 22 years of age, and Hector Zeta Bosio, at 23 years of age, collided at Punta del EsteUruguayboth studying majors.

At the time, both men were part of rock bands, Cerati with his group Sauvage and Bosio with the Morgan. It was during this time that Ficicchia would adopt the stage name " Charly Alberti ". The band, after experimenting with multiple names, eventually settled on the name los Estereotipos the Stereotypeswhich referenced a song by the Specials which they enjoyed listening to.

The band reminisced on this show:. Nobody gave us so much as a nod. The three of us played on a very deficient sound system. But we were happy, even though no one paid attention. Following that gig, Soda Stereo would gain slow traction throughout the underground rock scene of Buenos Aires, making a name for themselves alongside other emerging bands at the time, such as SumoLos TwistLos Encargados with Daniel Meleroand other bands.

Throughoutthe band would become slightly notorious for their sound. Beginning at a pub show for a no-show band, Soda would begin a period of constant shows; at their third show, Horacio Martinez, a historic Argentine rock producer and "talent hunter", heard them and would quickly invite them to record for CBS. Soda Stereo recorded their debut during the second half of By that time, Moura and Cerati had developed a fruitful artistic relationship. The recording took place in the defunct studios of CBS on Paraguay street.

The end result was cooler sound than of the live shows, which the bands were pleased with. Both were listed as "guest musicians," a practice which would become common for Soda throughout their career. Such guest musicians would be recognized by the public as the "fourth Sodas". The attention garnered by Soda was manifested in their playing of larger and larger venues. Soda Stereo presented their debut album at El Teatro Astros on 14 Decemberit was their first show there.

The stage was designed by Descargar gracias totales soda stereo concert Lois, who for the occasion located 26 television sets in the background. The TVs, together with a large amount descargar gracias totales soda stereo concert smoke, created an unusual but captivating visual effect. The official biography of the band attaches great importance to this appearance, indicating that the band played for 15 thousand people and that they were the revelation of the festival.

The success of the band began at a very peculiar time, related, on the one hand with the return of democracy to Argentina 10 Decemberand on the other hand, with increasing notions of postmodernismparticularly in the way the s youth created their role in a newly democratic society, one that had just emerged from bloody dictatorship and war.

Years later, Zeta Bosio would reflect on this juncture:. The democracy produced the adrenalin of something new, something was occurring, I knew I was going to make changes without knowing how. There was more air for us to make things and to wander, and we were a band of kids that wanted to make trouble.

Our attention was on punk and on trying to show that there was something else that was more direct [23]. In April the band decided to officially present the album at a concert at the Estadio Obras Sanitarias in Buenos Aires.

There they did four shows with a total attendance of 20, spectators. Footage from the first show was edited into a long play video. After these concerts records sales began to increase at an accelerated rate, quickly passing the Gold certification that they had achieved during the summer, platinum certificationand finally double platinum in the following months. Without abandoning the danceable rhythms, the second LP resulted in more depth in the lyrics and a melodical maturity.

In November Soda arrived in Peru for the first time and revolutionized the market. Their album sales were good and their three shows at the Amauta Coliseum were successful.

At that time Descargar gracias totales soda stereo concert Rock was not that popular with the youth of Latin America with the exceptions of Argentina and Uruguay and bands were not accustomed to international tours.

On 10 November the band released their third album Signos. With its lead single "Persiana Americana" :es American BlindsSignos was a key step for Soda Stereo, who by now had come under a great deal of stress due to ever increasing factors: sales expectations, external pressures, the risk of failure, and internal tensions.

Signos became the first Argentine rock album to be released on compact disc. It was manufactured in the Netherlands and distributed throughout Latin America.

On 3 December Soda made their first appearance in Ecuador. It did descargar gracias totales soda stereo concert take long to transform itself into a massive unconditional following which was called "Sodamania". The Signos tour was a milestone for Soda as they played 22 concerts in 17 cities to almostfans, in the process opening up the idea that Latin Rock can transcend the nationalities of the bands, something that would come to fruition in the upcoming decade.

With live recordings from different shows, a live album Ruido Blanco was compiled in Doble Vida Double Life was recorded and mixed in New York City, and was the first record by an Argentine band to be completely recorded abroad. After more than a year without playing in Buenos Aires, Soda showcased Doble Vida at the hockey field at Obras in front of 25, fans.

With sales of a million copies of Doble Vida under their belt, Soda began a massive tour in early The tour began with 30 shows in Argentina, covering most of the country, which were attended by nearlyfans. These shows were followed by a new Latin American tour their thirdwhich cemented a massive following in Mexico. Their massive tour Animal descargar gracias totales soda stereo concert included 30 Argentine cities, many which had not been visited by a band with the reach of Soda Stereo.

With a 3, person capacity, this descargar gracias totales soda stereo concert a noticeable achievement at the time. MTV unconditionally dedicated a whole show to Soda - a first for non English singing band. The lackluster results of the Spanish tour, compared to the fervor they were accustomed to in Latin America, left a sour taste in their mouths.

Nevertheless, it did serve as a valid experience, specifically in bringing the band back to earth. To put it bluntly: Spain was in no way a failure, but was far from the success that Soda had been used to in Latin America, in the end it was a good learning experience.

Nearing the end of Soda began showcasing their sixth studio album Dynamofirst introduced to the public with six concerts at Obras. The band also showcased the album in its entirety in a local talk-show, Faxfamous for being the first stereophonic TV transmission in Argentinian history. This event would deeply affect Zeta on both a personal and professional level, and surrounding his inability to work and growing dysfunction within the band, Soda unanimously decided to take a hiatus to possibly mediate the decision of separating permanently.

Cerati explored his solo career, Zeta dedicating himself to the production of other bands Peligrosos Gorriones and Aguirrewhile Alberti disappeared from the music scene to focus on personal projects. At the end of Zona de Promesasa compilation of remixes and classic Soda songs, including the unreleased song that gave the album its name, was released.

The cover depicts three speaker cones meant to symbolize egg cells ready to be "fertilized" by black spermatozoa, the latter of which resembles earbuds. The album was an instant hit, quickly reaching platinum status in Argentina 15 days after its release.

It would be illogical to say that this was [our] masterpiece, but it was the most emotional work [we had done] at the time, because we were stripped of the need of having competition in the future, or of being the best for another ten years.

We had already made it through a lot of things and the band itself felt classic. On the other hand, we were very proud of what Dynamo had promoted and [how it was subsequently interpreted] Soda, initially reluctant to play, was finally able to negotiate with the network to play with a unique setup: the band would play "plugged in", but with modifications such as heavy orchestration, including brand-new arrangements of some of their descargar gracias totales soda stereo concert songs.

The result was an eclectic mix of music, an acoustic-electric hybrid. Which Is It? Unexpectedly, Soda officially announced their separation in Maythrough a press release. The farewell letter read:. I share the sadness that has been created in many by our separation. I, myself, am immersed in that state because few things have been so important to me in my life as Soda Stereo.

Everyone knows that it is impossible to lead a band without a certain level of conflict. It is a fragile equilibrium in the war of ideas that very few are able to handle for fifteen years, as we proudly did [and maintained]. But, ultimately, different personal and musical misunderstandings began to compromise that equilibrium To end for the sake of the band is, in its redundancy, to [give importance] to our mental health, and above all to show respect for all of our fans who have followed us for such a long time.

The band would carry on with a farewell tour, making stops in Mexico, Venezuela, Chile and their native Argentina. English translation "[We would not have] been anything without [you all], but [also] without everyone that supported us since the very beginning; some still do till this day! A huge A DVD of the farewell show was released in Finally, in the trio was reunited at the MTV Latin Music Video Awards where they were awarded the Legend award in honor of their musical and visual trajectory.

Seven years after the breakup and the absence of any new official releases seemed odd. Near the end of Sony Music announced the release of the first DVD by Soda Stereo, which contained much unreleased material from compiled by Gustavo, Zeta, Charly, and people close to the band. The finished product arrived on the streets in November The reunification of Soda stereo was a mandatory topic for journalists whenever faced with a former member. So much so, that Zeta Bosio once declared:.

Inten years after their breakup, the band decided to reunite for a one-time-only tour of Latin America. The album contained 18 remastered studio recordings and lacked of new material, but it did contain a code to access exclusive web footage such as live versions. The album reached number one in Argentina and Chile.

On 20 Septemberexactly 10 years since their last concert, Soda Stereo gave a long-awaited press conference at the Club Museum in Buenos Aires, in a historical building designed at the turn of the century by the famous French architect and structural engineer Gustave Eiffel.

During the press conference, they clarified that after the tour they intended on resuming their individual pursuits. The tour was scheduled to begin on 19 October at River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, and originally only two concerts were scheduled as well as performances in several Latin American countries.

Over 90, tickets were sold in only 24 hours. The band quickly added another show to the schedule, [46] which sold out in 3 days, so 2 more dates were added. A massive banner that contained a large sentence with the name of their songs intertwined was unveiled. The concert lasted more than three hours. Soda played a total of 28 songs.


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