descargar carpeta dat del kitserver pes 6

Descargar carpeta dat del kitserver pes 6

Free Download Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Mods, Faces, Boots, Stadiums, Kits, and Patches.

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Post a Comment Rules : 1. Use English! Report dead link! It is a loader and manager for various modules. Kserv Module 6. Also, you are not restricted to just 1st and 2nd kit for each team - you can have as many as you like.
descargar carpeta dat del kitserver pes 6


Tulis komentar sobat sesuai dengan artikel yang dibaca, berkomentarlah dengan bahasa yang santun dan mudah dimengerti. Situs gratis update game PES yang lengkap. Labels: pes 6. Download dan Cara Pasang Kitserver PES 6 Terbaru - Mengawali sore dengan sesuatu hal yang baru adalah langkah yang positif untuk menuju masa depan. Ngomong apa?? Maksudnya di postingan sore ini saya berikan update terbaru dari PES 6. Apa itu mari kita ikuti. Jelas ada dong.

It is kitaerver loader and descargar carpeta dat del kitserver pes 6 for various modules. Also, you are not restricted to just 1st and 2nd kit for each team - decargar can have as many as you like. In PES6, however, only "licensed" teams have the slots, which makes it pretty much impossible to import kits for "unlicensed" teams by editing the AFS. With Kitserver, however, there is no such limitation, so you can have kitsevrer kits for all teams - licensed and unlicensed!

Of course it is possible to store as many balls as you descargar carpeta dat del kitserver pes 6. You can use different texture sizes for the balls: standard - x, and also x and x If you want to use additional stadiums, take a look at Stadium Server.

With it, you can descargar carpeta dat del kitserver pes 6 your stadiums in GDB and again have as large collection as you wish, only limited by your hard disk space.

Faceserver Module controls players faces and hair. If you have a big hard drive of course. Due to descargar carpeta dat del kitserver pes 6 demand, we have also created Bootserver Module module, which descargar carpeta dat del kitserver pes 6 you to assign each player his own boots.

With bootserver, you are no longer limited by 9 slots for boots that the game offers. Any player can now have individual goalkeeper gloves assigned to him with Gloveserver Module.

The left and right gloves can have different images although that is only visible on LOD 1and also glove textures dimensions are not limited to 64x pixels. They can be HD high-detailed gloves! Credit to Alegor for suggesting that feature. However, with only Kitserver itself installed you will not see the right kits, faces, balls and so on. For that you will need to fill your GDB with the right graphics and files.

Read this manual to know how you can insert them. Then look kitseerver the web and get the files you want. There are also some very big patches which already offer you a filled GDB.

As usual: copy the entire kitserver folder into your game folder, so that the directory structure capreta like this:. Go to kitserver folder and run setup. The "PES6. If not, select whatever executable you use as your game executable.

If you placed the kitserver files correctly, the "Install" button should become enabled, so just press it. The kitserver should show a message box saying that the installation was successful. If you get an error message, make sure that descaargar not currently running the game, and that the PES6. Select it, if not so. Press "Remove" button.

The kitserver should show a message box saying that the uninstallation was successful. You can now delete the whole kitserver folder, if you want. Certain actions eescargar Kitserver performs need to be triggered or initiated by the user.

Starting from version 6. Typically, the same hotkeys can be and are re-used by different modules, unless there is a conflict between them. The GDB contains a folder named uniwhich is responsible for storing the team kits uniforms. The single most important file inside uni is called map. This file tells kitserver where to find the kits for particular team.

As you know, each team has a unique id - a integer number from 0 toi think. So for every dell in the GDB, you must specify in the map. Please note that the sample De provided with kitserver is just one possible way of organizing the teams and folders.

It uses "EPL" folder to group all english teams, "National" descargar carpeta dat del kitserver pes 6 to group all national teams, and so for. You may find that you just prefer a flat list of folders - without these extra groups. Ddescargar that case, just modify the map. You can see from map.

This folder will contain all of the kits that are available to team 8. Inside it, you must create an individual folder for each kit. Like this: For players, 1st kit must have a folder name pa2nd - pb. Extra kits can have any folder names that start with letter "p".

I found it useful to prefix all extra kits with px. For example, px-blue. For the goalkeepers, 1st kit must be in the folder ga2nd - in the gb. Extra kits can have any folder names that start with letter "g". Take pakitserve example. See the table below for explanation of each file:. This format is supported by kitserver, carprta it is not the only dl. You can also use TrueColor images 32bit RGBA kitservef other dimensions, such as for example x, x, x, and so for.

Note to kitmakers and users: when choosing the dimensions for your kits, be aware that the kitserver will attempt to create the textures of the same size as that of the images, so make sure you video card supports such textures.

Using "power-of-two" sizes ,,and so on is always beneficial, because the videcard can process them most efficiently. Many new cards support textures of other dimensions, but they may work slower, because most GPUs are optimized for dah sized textures. Starting with version 6. The closest supported dimensions will be chosen, and image will be resampled deel the fly.

This is the attribute configuration file in previous Kitservers it was called "attrib. As before, it is just a plain text file - you can use Notepad or any other text editor to view or modify it.

For each folder, you should have a config. For examples of shorts. X usage - study the sample GDB. Kit-mixing generally means that the kit texture is not one single texture but composed of multiple ones dep the different parts of the kit shirt, shorts and socks. The shirt texture has the name shirt. If none of these is found, carpea all. This texture is used by default also for the other parts. However, if a shorts. The same thing applies to the socks kitservdr.

To know what areas of the texture belong to a specific part, kserv needs the mask files. Carpea are very important for kit-mixing! So read this here carefully! The default mask for kit-mixing is this one: The three colors indicate the areas which belong to shirt redshorts blue and socks yellow. As carrpeta shirt is taken as base texture and the shorts and socks areas are mixed into it, there is only need to color the shorts and drscargar socks areas correctly.

The mask above is used by many templates. However, there are some models which need a different arrangement of the parts. You often find this for x kits. Look at this table to know which mask you have to use for a specific model number. Kserv has to rely on the mask you specify. If you select the wrong descargaar, kserv will mix the kits wrong. But using the the table above, you can find out easily which mask is the xat one. If you specify the "mask" attribute in the config.

The idea behind this is that often teams play with the same shirt, but where different shorts or even only other socks. Until now, kitmaker had to create a new texture for each of decsargar combinations. Although it would be possible to solve this problem with three textures for each of the parts, there is a better way: Specify the "shirt.

If you do so, kserv will look for the shirt. This does NOT oes other attributes. Only the files for shirt, shorts and socks are looked for in another folder. So if you specify these three descragar, you will only need the config. All textures would be taken from the other folders.

For example you could create a folder called "px-mixed" and create a config. Now if you write. Afterwards, the kit parts will be mixed using the mask and then you can play with a new combination without storing a new image in your GDB. Often, teams use the same kits for different tournaments, only with a different badge on the sleeves or other modifications. To avoid creating to textures, you can use this option to overlay the texture with another one.


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