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The biggest 9/11 conspiracy theories debunked. was brought down by the setting off of explosives that had been drilled into the columns of the towers prior to the 9/11 attacks. Read more about: Conspiracies The truth about 'False Flags' from Nazi Germany, to the Vietnam War.

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Although there is an official version of the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon , parallel theories continue to circulate on the web to this day. These are some of them. Almost 3, dead and thousands wounded were the sad numbers of that day. Some believe that the government of then-President George W. Bush knew about the attacks beforehand. Others, like actor Charlie Sheen, go further and even think that the US Administration was the architect of barbarity to justify the invasion of Iraq and a change in geostrategic policy at world level, as well as a charter of freedom to act against alleged terrorists of any origin.

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There are some however who do not believe the official story of events, shrouding the day in a fog of suspicion and doubt. Here, we take a look at the five most compelling theories:. Within just a few hours of the attacks on the Twin Towers, perhaps the most well-known of all the theories had already surfaced in an Internet chat room. The author of that post likened the collapse of the North and South Towers to an act of controlled demolition due to the way the buildings fell so quickly and perfectly into their own footprint. After the dust had settled, theorists raised further evidence in the form of witness testimonies, citing reports of explosions being heard before the Towers collapsed and debris visibly shooting out from the lower levels of the buildings. Early video footage and photos taken from the scene did not seem to show much evidence of plane wreckage.

Theodies minutes of realising the US was under attack in Septembersuspicions fell on Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida terrorist movement. Eighteen years descargar audicom 9-11 conspiracy theories attacks, they remain the likely perpetrators of the deadliest terror attack of modern times. The hit film Loose Changefirst released online in before undergoing a number of revisions as its claims were debunked, popularised the movement.

Here are some of the theories that used to be discussed in all seriousness on the early internet. The Twin Towers also fell relatively straight down, like you see in a controlled demolition; and a third building - WTC7 - also collapsed, despite not being hit by a plane.

Lastly, lobbies in descartar towers were visibly damaged when first responders arrived on the scene, despite the planes crashing into the buildings dozens of stories above.

A Popular Mechanics article first published around the time Loose Change came out said at C, steel would lose about 50 percent of its strength - and jet fuel can theoriees a lot hotter than that. And the lobbies were damaged because much-burning fuel fell down the elevator shafts, sending some elevators plummeting to the ground.

The evidence: There is no good footage of the Pentagon strike, with security video showing little but a white blur before an explosion. The hole punched into the side of the building also appeared too small to have been made by a Boeing The truth: It was a plane. Its wreckage was found - theorues the black box. The fuselage would have been "in a state closer to a liquid than a solid mass" due to the impact. The evidence: A military jet was seen in the same area as Flight 93 beforehand; parts of the plane were found far from the crash site; President George W Bush gave the order to shoot down hijacked planes after the Twin Towers were hit.

Some believe the US government turned a blind eye, knowing a devastating attack would give them pretext to invade the Middle East - or that it was an inside job. There was also an "abnormal" amount of trading in shares of American and United Airlines, and defence contractors, in the days leading up to the attack.

And the authorities took a suspiciously long time to respond to the emergency once the planes had been hijacked. Its focus was outwards "like a doughnut" around the country, one expert said. A warning in August was dismissed by National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice because it was non-specific, and "did not raise the possibility that terrorists might use airplanes as missiles". In July Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld rejected evidence suggesting an attack was likely, believing it was intended just to gauge how the US would respond.

This theory holds that the two jets which hit the towers were actually missiles, and the passengers who were supposed to be on those planes were secretly bundled onto Flight 93, which was then deliberately crashed, disposing of the eyewitness evidence. It would require thousands of descargad working together, not a single one of them screwing up or descargar audicom 9-11 conspiracy theories attacks the beans - something no government is arguably capable of.

Dan Satherley. New York on September 11, Theoriee credit: Getty. The Pentagon on September 11, The Pentagon. Evidence: None, really - just a lot of chatter in internet forums. Sign up to receive news updates. By subscribing you agree to our Terms descargar audicom 9-11 conspiracy theories attacks Access and Privacy Policy.


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